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Teacher Survey Report – Croatian Results – Instruments for Implementation of the Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture

In the frame of the EU/CoE 2016 Joint Programme for international cooperation “Human Rights and Democracy in Action in Croatia is implemented survey. The general objective of this survey is to examine teachers’ attitudes towards teaching civic and citizenship education according to the Curriculum and instruments for implementation of the framework of competences for democratic culture. Specific objectives are to examine teachers’ attitudes on the Curriculum, their perception of the level of competences required for teaching CDC and attitudes toward the professional development of teachers in CDC.

According to the examination of the attitudes of teachers on a sample of 881 primary and secondary school teacher from all regions of the Republic of Croatia, we have information on their willingness and capability for the implementation: about how much they are familiar with the topics of the CDC competences, with the competences for democratic culture, with the methods recommended for the development of democratic competences, about the possibilities and space for integrating and implementing it in all school subjects, class teacher hour, extracurricular activities and out-of-school activities in connection with local community, media, courts, different levels of authorities, including the Croatian Parliament; about the methods and approaches that they use for the evaluation and assessment of student achievements. We also collect data on how much professional development organized by Education and Teacher Training Agency has helped them and how to offer better and more useful training to them.

The data obtained show that lower-primary and upper-primary teachers integrate the cross-curricular Civic and Citizenship subject as prescribed or more (93.60% RN, 87.00% PN), while a smaller portion of teachers integrate less than prescribed (6.40% lower primary and 11.30% upper primary). In secondary schools (gymnasium and vocational) 67.35% of teachers integrate the Civic curriculum as prescribed or more and 32.65% less than prescribed. This means that we will plan more seminars and workshops for the secondary school teachers in the future.

Important data is that on the Likert scale from 1 to 5 the teachers evaluated their satisfaction with the different aspects of the curriculum as very satisfactory – thematic areas (3.74), educational outcomes (3.63), the suggested teaching methods

Report on Teacher survey on Instruments for Implementation of the Citizenship education and Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture is added to this statement.

CDC- Croatian Report (PDF: 1. 27 MB)

Teacher training and studen teaching module CoE-EU CDC project 2017. (PDF: 770 KB)

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