08. 03. 2013.

Study visits carried out in the framework of the project

As part of project Component 2 Preparing ETTA INSETT Strategy 2014-2020 based on the INSETT and TNA report study visits to two EU countries were organized. The goal of this activity was to visit countries known for their quality education system, to explore their education system in general and the system of in-service training for teaching and non-teaching school staff in particular and to observe how teacher training was organized and if possible to adapt and adopt some of the procedures and good practices in an improved INSETT system in Croatia.

The programme of the study visit was prepared together with the ETTA INSETT project team and it included a range of institutions responsible for pre-service, in-service training, policy and decision making institutions dealing with professional and career development of teachers and non teaching school staff. The outcomes of the study visits will feed into the new ETTA strategy for in-service training 2014-2020.

Photo album: Estonia

The two selected countries were Estonia and Scotland as countries known for their good education systems, well-developed systems of pre and in service training, quality standards, procedures of accreditation and quality assurance. At the same time both countries have some similarities with Croatia and face with similar issues. Estonia is a country that recently joined the EU and developed very quickly from an entirely centralised system into a well-functioning democracy. On the other hand Scotland has a long tradition of democracy with a highly decentralized education system based on quality standards. Like Croatia, both countries have schools in remote areas, and Scotland has schools on islands. In the present times of economic crises, affecting all countries, it is a real challenge to support these schools and their teaching and non-teaching staff.

Photo album: Scotland


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