18. 11. 2012.

The Project Core Team

Paul Roeders

Team Leader
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roedersHon. Prof. Dr Paul Roeders has 40 years of professional experience in the education sector, from pre-school to adult education in formal and non formal systems. During his university career as educational researcher and head of department in the Netherlands he started to work in training of teachers in the form of Continuous Professional Development as early as 1975. His fields of expertise include educational and social policy development, institutional and human resources development, planning and implementation of large reform processes in the education sector, and training for teaching and non-teaching staff. In these areas he is being involved as advisor to various Ministries of Education and has a track record in institutional capacity building, working with highest level government officials. One of his focal areas is the implementation of active learning and teaching approaches. In this area he is author of books and articles, published in various languages. He is an experienced team leader and programme manager and successfully participated in more than 15 large donor funded projects and programmes in transition countries, including Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Northern Cyprus, and Turkey as well as in various countries in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. In 1998 he was awarded the title of Honorary University Professor in Educational Sciences in tribute to the achievements in the nationwide Teacher Training Reform project in Peru. In Croatia he worked as advisor for the EU Delegation in the first phase of IPA programmes and as Team Leader of the Regional Network of Local Learning Institutions project for adult education. Through his experience as Programme Manager for Education and Training within one of the Delegations of the European Commission, he reinforced his expertise in the rules and regulations of EU funded projects.

Divna Šipoviќ

Key Expert in the development of teacher training strategies
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sipovikDivna Šipoviќ [MEd] is an experienced policy analyst, teacher trainer and programme designer with ample experience in education policy development, designing training programs, school governance and management. She has 15 years of experience in education policy, professional development of teaching and non-teaching school staff, and in managing internationally funded projects and education programmes. She was awarded a Hubert H.Humphrey Fellowship at Boston University for the Fulbright programme for mid-career professionals, to share and advance practice in education policy development and training of educational staff. She designed and implemented several education management and governance programmes encompassing training programmes including the licensure programme for school directors’ in Macedonia. She also designed and implemented the School Management and Strengthening School Boards programmes. She is the leading author of a School Management Manual, School Board Manual and Education Strategy. She has extensive experience in working with international development organizations (USAID, World Bank, UNICEF, Dutch and Swiss Embassy and Council of Europe in particular), Government officials, governmental and nongovernmental agencies. Mrs. Šipoviќ has long working experience in developing and implementing teacher training strategies and designing teacher training programmes and in cooperating with international institutions in the field of teacher training.

Santa Domijan Zviedre

Project Assistant / Office Manager
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Tel.: +385 1 6180 939

zviedreSanta Domijan Zviedre finished university education as MA in Management (University of Latvia, Riga), studied Croatian Language at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zagreb, participated in post-graduate courses in project cycle management, application of the rules and regulations of the practical guide for implementation of EU funded projects and communication, negotiation and presentation skills. She brought ample project and office management experience within previous international cooperation projects and other organisations into the team, specifically gained in other EU funded projects in Croatia. Her specific expertise is in the area of event management, and corporate communications activities. Apart from running the office she specifically participates in activities related to dissemination of information within the project structure itself, as well as to the beneficiaries.

As usual in this type of TA projects, there will be several short-term experts working in addition to the core team. They will carry out particular tasks in support of the team and beneficiary that need specific expertise.


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